Map: Alchemical Laboratory

NMHC Survival - Alchemical Laboratory (Waves 1-25) [Early Game Build]

Author: Jamie D 93

DU: 0/85

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24 August 2020

I would consider swapping back Blockades to this - IMAGE

Somehow stupid archer goblins turned into Stormtroppers from Star Wars and miss Blockades which results in arrows hitting the crystal.

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04 July 2020

This build is super effective, and it's explained really well here. Thanks!

Disable Tower

Build Status: Public

Difficulty: Nightmare

Game Mode: Survival

Hardcore: Yes

AFK Able: Yes

Mana Used:

Mana to Upgrade:

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Welcome! for this build you should have atleast 3 NMHC Rocks and all 4 heroes at least 70-73 - if you are in early game.

This build is not AFK-able.


This is a build i use for NMHC Survival of Alchemical Labs.Typically Starting at wave 13 and upgrading each round up to 25. 

I use a DPS Huntress and sit on the crystal. Killing Ogres, Djins, Dark Elfs, Spiders etc.

Below for the hints i reference the following doors:

  • Left Most Side Entrances (Marked by Green Arrows)
  • Right Most Side Entrances (Marked by Blue Arrows)
  • Centre Entrance (Marked by Yellow Arrows)

And finally i reference DSTs and Blockades using;

  • Back (Leftmost)
  • Front (Rightmost)


1) The back 2 DSTs should cover the centre entrance and their opposite right most side entrances.

2) The centre 2 DSTs should cover their opposite left most side entrances and their opposite right most side entrances as far as they can.

3) the front 2 DSTs should be cover the Back Blockades and their opposite left most side entrances.

4) Back Blockades should be closer to the centre than the Front Blockades - as this forces all left most side entrance ogres towards the Front Blockades.

5) Your Strength aura will need to be big enough to partly cover the lanes leading towards the Front Blockades.


Basic Strategy:

  1. Upon each round start i stand on the crystal.
  2. I target Djins First as these are the immediate threat to the build.
  3. Next i focus on ogres - typically there isn't more than a handful of ogres each round.
  4. Then i do a round of repairs.
  5. Finally, keep an eye on the Back Blockades and just clear the enemies in each lane.



  • Typically spiders dont become a problem as the DSTs will clear them out.
  • Typically this build (utilising the 2 Gas Traps, will negate the sharkens ability to charge. (If they are charging your blockades move the traps forwards a pinch)
  • The Lightning Towers will be your main source of crowd control - but once the immediate threats are eliminated, be sure to assist clearing out each round.
  • Keep and eye out for ogre bombs and jump if they target towards you to avoid.
  • If you jump off the crystal while dark elves are on the map, they will charge you. Be Cautious.

Finally, Once you can achieve wave 25 - personally, i grinded a few more times for a better cat and loot, then started the promenade survival grind.