Map: Endless Spires

Endless Spires NMHC wave 25

Author: Chynonm

DU: 0/110

Disable Tower

Build Status: Public

Difficulty: Nightmare

Game Mode: Survival

Hardcore: Yes

AFK Able: Yes

Mana Used:

Mana to Upgrade:

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First off I strongly recomend not farming this map. It lacks the good drops from act 3 and is hard as hell compared to the first maps in act 3. 

I did this map to farm the all survivals NM 25 wave achievement while grinding my way to lvl 90. All my characters are in act 1 massacre gear. Good lvl83 transcendents. I recommend having at least top pre-massacre gear for this.


This build is not for farming. It's for getting a clear of wave 25, you will have to kill every ogre and this build is made to give you as much time and easy doing so.

I had a horrible time with this map. And the suggestions on other builds weren't working for me at all. Chopters weren't dying and ogres were bypassing walls to hit DSTs on the ground. Ninjas were also a pain so here's what worked for me featuring double walls to screw over every ninja.



1º Stay up here on Gargoyle with dps Huntress. Kill ogre stack from that side at the start then that side is completely free.

2ºA ton of Kamikazes from this side, make sure strenght drain coverts them before they blow, but it shouldn't happen with good gear and the ensnare aura. Also a few ogres to dps down.

3ºScrew chopters from that side, towers bug as hell and refuse to target it from most places further in the front.

4º There are 2 choptesr from this side you need to kill by yourself one before and one after the ogres from hint 1

Some stats for comparison

Apprentice 1800 power, 1100 range, 1200 Def Rate

Squire 2300 fortify (honesly wasn't necessary all the hp if lanes actually keep kobolds from hitting the walls)

DPS Huntress 800 fortify, 1000 Power,1500 atk, 19000dmg x3 soul focuser. a paintball or minigun will do better after clearing the initial ogres so this massacre gun isn't mandatory. Had a 90% helicat.