Map: Royal Gardens

MushCake's Royal Garden Mass/HC solo survival build

Author: MushroomCake28

DU: 0/130

Disable Tower

Build Status: Public

Difficulty: Massacre

Game Mode: Survival

Hardcore: Yes

AFK Able: No

Mana Used:

Mana to Upgrade:

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Youtube tutorial video:


This is the build I used to solo this map and clear wave 25 solo for the first time. I ran it only once with this build (but much more with an older build that was less effective imo), so as I play more I will update this build and notes. If there's anything you need help with, just message me on discord (MushroomCake28), I'm usually active in the DD discord server.

Alright, to start off I believe this is the easiest act 3 map to complete since we have 130 DU for 4 main choke points, 2 of which don't even have Nightmare enemies and sirens. The heaviest lane is by far the east double lanes, where there will always be 2 ogres and where I can't seem to kill copters quick enough so their ogres instantly dies. Aside from the 2 guaranteed ogres east, there will be one more random ogre spawn from any spawns, but I usually get the additional ogre east or west, I rarely get it north or south. The north and side lanes are a bit special: they have no nightmare enemies and sirens, but they have weird enemy spawns. The north gets a s*** ton of kobolds (solo I have like 96 kobolds there per lane), and the south lane gets a lot of ranged enemies (mages and archers). However, I do find that those are easier lanes since there are no NM enemies and no sirens to worry about. 


Alright, so this is not an easy afk build. Most of my builders are in the 5k-6k range for power, wallers are all above 6k fortify, my gas huntress is 4k in range (the rest doesn't matter, but I guess 3k-3.5k should work, or even less. The range on my monk is at 3.5k, and I wouldn't run with less (perhaps 3k range or less can't work, but I wouldn't be comfortable running with that with this build). 


1. This is where the towers are, on the bridge. Here we want a 5 DU buff beam that goes across the bridge and gets both stack of auras (north and south). I only use 2 reflect beams (1 DU each) to protect towers, both guarding aginsts ogres east and west. Then I do 5 fireball towers: 4 pointing west (where most of the ogres will be), 1 pointing easts. I also add a gas trap there (on the bridge), which gets to enemies below. Don't forget the gas trap and enrage aura on top of the fountain too, the 3 gas + 1 enrage + 2 shock beam will most likely create a huge pack of enemies, which will sometimes block ogres. (Note: it is possible to remove the gas trap at point 2, and use 1 of that extra 3 DU for a 6DU buff beam instead). 

2. This is where most of ogres will end up at. I go with full 5 DU EV walls there, blocking a bit diagonally (down from the stairs to the other corner). The gas trap there is an emergency gas trap for sharks, but honestly I rarely see any sharks there, unless there's a poison sirens. I use two 3DU shock beams there for poison sharks, and it's important to try to put them as close as possibles to walls, but far enough so ogres don't trigger them when they are pounding the walls. It is possible to make them 2 DU shock beams instead and use the extra 2 DU for a healing aura, but I find that a 3 DU shock beams extra length and charges help a lot. It is also possible top remove the poison trap to make the shock beams longer. 

3. This north lane is a bit easier due to not having Nightmare enemies and Sirens, but it is still annoying due to the kobold overload. I run with squire walls there since dark elves assassins tend to aggro A LOT to the wall there and the wall's health can go down very quickly. The aura stack here should take care of flyers very easily, but I put an apprentice wall on the bush just for emergency flyers that come from the north east lane (they can shoot a projectile sometimes, and that 1 DU wall blocks it). I place the apprentice wall on my defense power apprentice, so you don't need much health on it. 

4. The west lane is not that hard, but it can become impossible to defend if you kill the copters too late and get 8-10 ogres on that wall. I personally do a 4 DU EV wall there. The trick is not to put the wall too close to the core so ogres can touch it while still staying between the bushes. The gas trap can be far up from the wall and in the buff beam. This will gas almost all djinns, which won't be an issue on this map with this build. Overall, just check on the wall's health a couple times and it should be fine if you kill all the copters very fast. The 2 reflect beams there are optional, but I do get random shots sometimes so I like using 2 reflects. 

5. This is the easiest lane by far. Enemies there will never be an issue, except if you're unlucky and get the random ogre spawn there. This lane will get a lot of range mobs, which should be an issue if you put the wall a bit back (they won't even get to it). This is also where I stay for DPS, on the sakura tree there. That spot makes most dark elves assassins aggro to me instead of the wall there. However, most assassins get stuck at the bottom of the tree and can't reach me. One or two occassionaly makes it on top of the tree, so I just DPS them, no big deal. From the top of the tree, that is where I DPS copters, than ogres.

Additional Notes:

Trash mobs: they are a non issue on this map like most other maps. The heavy kobold lane is annoying though.

Dark Elves Assassins: There are way too many of them on this map, so be careful when you go down to repair stuff.

Wyverns: They are not at all an issue on this map due to gas traps and auras taking care of them. 

Djinns: They are simply not an issue with enough range on the gas traps. The positionning of the gas traps on this map makes it so all djinns are constantly in a gas trap area of effect.

Sharks: They are very annoying on this map, but the shock beams work very well, especially west. I've had some sharks push my wall on the east lane very often in an old build, when the wall there was closer to spawn (below the bridge), but so far with this build I haven't have any issue (perhaps got lucky with my siren rolls). 

Copters: They are the biggest issue on this map. If they drop 4-5 ogres or more, it's basically gg. The advantage is that when you solo, they copters tend to come in slowly and one by one. So at the start of the wave, just ignore the map and DPS all copters. You need a pretty good DPS for that (my huntress is good, but not the best. Just for reference, I do 86 million DPS on dummy in tavern with cat + my boost, no monk boost, and that is enough to take care of the 3 copter lanes on this map).

Spiders: A non issue with this build. Their spawn make it impossible for them to reach the towers. They'll aggro to walls or just idle until they die in the auras.