Map: The Throne Room

MushCake's Mass/Hc solo and group safe build (towers won't get destroyed) [Video Youtube]

Author: MushroomCake28

DU: 0/100

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22 September 2020

DarkLP, if ogres can hit your core through the walls it means you have to replace your walls. The wall placements are really important in the build. Don't forget the little gap between the bottom of the stairs and the wall on the side, and don't place the wall behind the kind of line north. Check my wall placements in the video if you are unsure. 

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21 September 2020

Great build! This helped me complete it for the first time earlier today.

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21 September 2020

Hey man, this is really a great build but the thing is there a lot of ogre and my crystal finish by getting destroy after 21 waves. Any tips ?? no wall  or tower get destroy.

Disable Tower

Build Status: Public

Difficulty: Massacre

Game Mode: Survival

Hardcore: Yes

AFK Able: No

Mana Used:

Mana to Upgrade:

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Here's my solo build, also doable in a group. It's a safer build since the boss can't destroy the towers, but of course you need to stay away from the towers during the boss fight or else his projectiles will destroy the towers. For DPS you can play on anyone during the waves and during the boss, but tank squire is definitely easier solo. It is possible to clear the boss with other heroes if you can evade his projectiles (I like playing on my monk). You don't need extreme stats for this build, 6k-6.5k power and 6.5-7k fortify for walls should do it. Running with less might be possible, but it's starting to push the limits. 

Check out the build with explanations on my youtube channel:

1. So in the middle we go with two 4 DU EV walls. Make sure the 6 DU buff beam gets both walls and the two inferno traps. The Strength Drain Aura and Healing aura can be a bit closer to the north crystal to cover a bit in front of the north wall, which is a 3 DU wall. For the 2 stack of Electric + ensnare aura, you might need to take off your gears before placing them since they will most likely overlap.

2. In the back we want 3 DSTs, the middle one pointing north, the two others pointing on the side while getting the north lane. We buff them with 4 DU buff beam and protect them with a 2 DU reflect beam. Ogres coming from the sides won't agro to towers and will agro to walls instead with this build.

3. At the top we only have a 3 DU shock beam, a gas, an inferno, and a 3 DU wall. This will CC all enemies for as long as necessary. If you get a fire siren there will be a stack up of enemies, but DSTs will take care of them eventually, especially all the dangerous enemies (djinns and sharks).