Map: Alchemical Laboratory

Fastest build possible (duo is better, can get 8 minutes or less)

Author: iTysonTk

DU: 0/85

Disable Tower

Build Status: Public

Difficulty: Massacre

Game Mode: Survival

Hardcore: Yes

AFK Able: No

Mana Used:

Mana to Upgrade:

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I got under 10 minute clears in a duo with this build!

Solo clears can be around 11 minutes average! (if you really speedrun it i can get around 8-9 minutes with a monk but i like lazy squire more)

3-4 people clears can still be around 10 minutes or less if done right



Squire+ Striking gemstone


Monk+ Speedy or powerfull gemstone

Squire+ Striking gemstone


Squire + Striking gemstone

Monk + Speedy or powerfull gemstone

Tower apprentice for c buff and builder bonus (Gemstone only if u want not needed)

What to do:
Build everything and make sure the auras and traps with striking hit the buff beam (if u want u can replace the Thunder spike trap for a darkness trap to kill side lanes faster/help with spiders)

the buff beam can be 4 du for 8 towers if u wanna go save for 2 reflect beams

but because the point is to be fast just a 5du beam should be fine with a reflect in front even if the towers take damage spiders instantly die and u keep upgrading it

Squire obviously tanks and makes auras/traps bigger while monk boost tower auras and traps at the same time and collects mana before wave ends to skip time

Minimum stats required no idea


During boss: Squire tanks boss and monk boost towers and stuns demon when he moves away/flies


Time proof:

Very hard and need high stats
But with a fast build duo u can c buff inferno, t boost and speedy gem inferno before first wave.

Monk needs to boost dst and go to elec aura with speedy aswell the whole time and collects a little mana behind before spider spawn

7:51 run: