Map: The Summit

MushCake's Solo Summit Mass/HC Survival (Youtube Video)

Author: MushroomCake28

DU: 0/150

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04 October 2020

very very nice video and build ofc^^..thx a lot !

Disable Tower
Required Hero Stats
Hero HP Damage Range Rate
Apprentice 0 7,000 3,000 3,000
Huntress 0 7,000 0 0
Monk 0 6,000 4,500 0
Series EV-A 7,000 7,000 0 0

Build Status: Public

Difficulty: Massacre

Game Mode: Survival

Hardcore: Yes

AFK Able: No

Mana Used:

Mana to Upgrade:

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The stats are my recommended stats for a first time clear. You could go lower, but you might get a bit sweaty. This build is for solo, in a group it wouldn't work well because of the NM enemies health scaling in 1.1 (this might change in a future update). 


1. Here we are going with a gas trap and an inferno trap on the fire goblet. That way they'll get buffed by the buff beam. From up there the gas and the fire traps will get all the enemies below and enemies that make their way up, and spiders and assassins on the deck. There's also an aura stack on the goblet, but closer to the deck. The aura range must cover the two walls.

2. We go with two 5 DU walls. The placement is important, so check in the video if needed.Then a 6DU buff beam that gets both walls and the traps and aura stack. This will make it so walls can hold a couple of ogres for a while.

3. On the rampart we go with a gas trap and an ensnare to completely lock the side copters. When playing solo there are a maximum of 2 copters at the same time on the map (in patch 1.1), so having 2 copters stunned infinitely on the sides will prevent other copters from spawning. We also go with a bouncer blockade on the fire goblet to block the flyers lanes. This is make it so towers won't be distracted by flyers.

4. The north area can be tricky if not built correctly. There can be a lot of random shots from there. We go with a 2 DU wall left, 4 DU wall on top, and 3 DU wall right. You should be able to buff the wall + all traps with a single 4 DU buff beam. The darkness goes on the third stairs from the top and the inferno goes in the middle as close to the crystal as possible to get the side lanes.

5. For the towers, we go 2 infernoes and 2 DSTs pointing north and 2 DSTs pointing south. The DSTs pointing south will get all center copters, sharks and djinns, and will kill the ogres slowly. The towers pointing north are to make sure there are always at least 2 towers hitting the boss no matter where he lands. The shock beams on the sides are for random enemies that occasionally walk up there (which might be a bug in 1.1). To help with those random enemies, we move the aura stack back until it's right on the wall. 

During the boss fight, you start off by killing the copter in the center (there should only be one), then you check your minimap to see what siren you got. If you get a poison siren, kill enemies in the lane, if it's not just ignore the map and fight the boss. Occasionally check your minimap to see what sirens you get. If you get a siren in the bottom left lane, kill her when she's up there to avoid a stuck siren (in patch 1.1, assuming that's fixed in 1.2). If you get a poison siren south some mages can come up and attack the wall and heal ogres (the reflects are there to protect the core from those poison mages). Clear those mages as they can make your walls go down quickly. 

After a while you'll see that there are no more enemies and it's basically a 1v1 against the boss. That's because of the stunned copters on the sides that don't die. This might be changed later (it's working in patch 1.1).