Map: The Throne Room

The Throne Room 23 start 4 player easy enough to public game version 2

Author: Mellifas

DU: 0/100

Disable Tower
Required Hero Stats
Hero HP Damage Range Rate
Huntress 0 0 3,361 0
Monk 0 0 4,151 0

Build Status: Public

Difficulty: Massacre

Game Mode: Survival

Hardcore: Yes

AFK Able: No

Mana Used:

Mana to Upgrade:

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This is an update to . This is the build used for Juicybags video if you want to see how things are placed or in action. The main changes are note 1 and some of the traps/auras were replaced inbetween the cores for more boss damage.

This build is set up for 3 squire/EV 1 monk chill build. Not a speed build, but can be done in public games with 3 squires and 1 monk that knowns how not to die. The build is designed to stall the trash enemies until after you have killed all three sets of sirens. If the boss is well DPSed there will be few if no ogres make it down the hallway before the boss dies. Need to watch the trash enemies that get poison corrupted, squires can just stand toward the door the siren came from and save their spins for the sharks and EVs can just beam them down. The proton beam can be replaced with a shock beam in the north if north corrupted enemies are a problem.

On build upgrades; All three overclocks max upgraded and all three lightning auras one away from being max upgraded.  Wave 23 upgrades; max out the lightnign auras, may need to have one upgrade put into healing auras or east/west ensnares, the rest of the mana goes into the east/west poison traps, upgrading poison traps increases the duration giving you more time to kill the boss without ogre interferrence. Wave 24 upgrades; max out poison traps, may need to have one upgrade into healing auras or east/west ensares if not done after wave 23, the rest will go into the traps and proton beams near the cores for extra boss damage. Wave 25 upgrades; the boss damage stuff between the cores.

1: All the traps and auras are spread out as represtented with the exception of the traps between the cores could be stacked. The north ensnare and strength drain are spaced out so the monsters sit in the lightning aura gassed until death. As of this posting, the monk used to build this has 5660 range. With that amount of range the ensnare is placed on the stairs going down to the core and the strength drain is placed on the rail for the stairs north of the core. With this range and placement, the lightning aura goes to the north wall and the ensare and strength drain reach the front of the throne chairs. This does two things, the strength drain health lose is reduced greatly versus placing the aura to affect the door and the strength drain now reduces all damage to both cores and the party provided enough range. All of the placements for ensnares and strength drains are designed for lower stats and efficientcy, even if end game geared, stacking the traps/auras will simply result in more upgrades and repairs that could have went into boss damage.

2: On the east and west sides, The poison traps activation range is set to inbetween the stair rails near the doors, the overclock beams will move the activation range to the doors. The darkness trap the same way so that the activation range is at the stair rails. 

3: The ensnare and lightning auras are set to have the aura edge be around the second from last pillars in the hallway. After buff beam the edge should be about 1 meter inside the poison trap so that the ensnare will only have to put one or no upgrades.

4: When placing the north overclock beam, place it to just hit the north poison trap and then drag the beam down the stairs to the floor between the cores. Although not visually represented, the three damage traps and the proton beams are all in the south end of the buff beam for extra boss damage. The shock beams are not to scale, the beams go from the rails near the north core to the top of the rail ornament near the south core. This prevents spiders from eating up charges and being stuned instead of poison corrupted enemies. As of, it is better to build shock beams with a fortify EV because the charge ratio is not high enough to use an overclock EV.

5: On top of the proton beam is where the boss should be tanked or stand if noone is tanking. Squires can put themselves against the stone endcap of the wall to not get knocked around as much. EVs can stand where the blue arrow is and beam through the wall and never get targeted by the missles. EVs can shoot enemies near the north door, sirens, or peak around the corner enough to shoot the boss's hand to refill with a genie. Monks can stand on the black arrow and shoot sirens/enemies at the north door to be safe, If being risky the monk can hug the corner and peak at the boss's hands and if done well, will not get missled. When doing three EVs it is very important to stay out of the boss's line of sight. If the boss sees no one it only walks to the egde of the end of the wall since there is no towers or players in sight. This makes staying on the stairs can just killing the boss faster and safer.

Tips: Even though there is not posted minimums other than range, it is best to have the builders for this with all four builder stats on all of their armor and weapon other than the fortify EV used to place the shock beams. Huntress needs 3361 range to get 3 meter activation for traps. Monk needs 4151 range to get 8 metter auas. EVs get stats from both or their weapons so always have two equiped and if gold permiting upgraded. If you have an EV that just overclocks, it need 3906 fortify to max out armor (60%) at max upgrades on the beam even though there is no walls in this build. Shock beams are better placed with an EV that is stacked with fortify. Reflect beams can be place by either of the last two mentioned EVs since their HP drain is low and the damage is rarely reflected back onto enemies.