Map: Alchemical Laboratory

AFK Fast Clear without Apprentice

Author: Aesius

DU: 0/85

Disable Tower
Required Hero Stats
Hero HP Damage Range Rate
Huntress 3,000 7,000 7,000 4,500
Monk 5,500 7,200 6,200 3,500
Series EV-A 7,900 7,000 4,000 4,000

Build Status: Public

Difficulty: Massacre

Game Mode: Survival

Hardcore: Yes

AFK Able: Yes

Mana Used:

Mana to Upgrade:

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Hi everyone, this is my first build here. I have tried Awfulhouse build and just loved it, but, I thought that buffing the gas trap was making things a bit slower and a gas trap with that range wasnt needed for this to work. Although you can remove the gas trap, is not recommended because the Djinns will give you a really hard time.

Basically, we build 4 inferno traps between the boiler and the stairs, along with 4 electric auras surrounding it. Thats all the damage you need, even with 4 players, and Poison Immune Sharkens, they die before charging at the walls.

This build is extremely fast, Djinn immune and Sharken immune. The problem here is the boss, if you are playing with more people, you need DPS or at least people that will repair auras and know how to evade the firewall. If you are playing solo, its easy.

I use 1 EV with Power for OC, and 1 EV with Fortify for Walls, 1 Monk for Electric(Power + RRange + Rate), 1 Monk for Ensnare(Range + Fortify + Power) and 1 Monk for Strength Drain(Fortify + Range), 1 Trapper for Inferno(Power + Rate + Range), 1 Gas Trapper (Range). The attributes in the build are using the highest of each, so, no I dont have a Monk with all those stats.


Build step-by-step (remove equipments to build and reequip after)

1) Build a 3DU Blocking Field on the south side, near the stairs, from the "Crystal Machine" that you can shoot down to damage boss and drag it as far as you can to the left, using only 3 DU.

2) Build a 4DU Blocking Field on the north side, near the stairs, from the "Crystal Machine" that you can shoot down to damage boss and drag it as far as you can to the left, using only 4 DU, this wall should be built in a way that a 4 DU OC will buff both walls and traps. Wall Placement

3) Build a 1 DUReflect Wall in front of the Crystal, to prevent Sirens from shooting at you or your teammates.  Crystal Reflect Wall

4) Build a 1 DU Reflect Wall on top of the boiler, to prevent Djinns and Ogres from shooting at your teammates.  Boiler Reflect Wall

5) Build 4 Inferno Traps, 2 on each piple on each. Inferno Traps

6) Build 2 Electric Auras, one on the left of the boiler, still on the pipe in the ground, and other, at the right side, mirrored. Electric Auras

7) Build 2 Electric Auras, one on the north pipe, in the end of it, away from the boiler, and other, at the right side, mirrored.

8) Build 2 Eletric Auras, one south of Crystal, at 2º step of the stairs, right on the intersection of the tiles. Auras Near Crystal

9) Build 1 Electric, 1 Ensnare and 1 Strength Drain auras behind crystal, as near as possible. Image on Step 8

10) Build 1 Ensnare and 1 Strength Drain auras on boiler. Image on Step 6

11) Throw a Healing Aura near walls, so it will cover front of boiler and back near boss spawn. Healing Aura

12) Throw a 4 DU OC that hits both walls and all Inferno Traps, automatically hitting all 11 auras. The only thing that shouldnt be boosted is the Gas Trap. Image on Step 11



1) Upgrade all Inferno Traps 3 times (100, 200 and 400)

2) Upgrade all Strength Drain and Ensnare 3 times

3) Max Overclock

4) Upgrade all Electric Auras around Crystal 3 times

5) Upgrade the 2 Electric Auras near boiler 2 times

6) Keep remaining mana to repair


Combat Phase

1) Use a Monk, with a Striking Gem, and, stay between all 4 Inferno Traps, watching to not boost Ensnare and Strength Drain. If you need to kill more enemies on 1 side, jump on the pipe, so you can boost 2 inferno traps and 2 electric auras.

2) Keep Tower Boost up all the time. If you stand in the place explained on Item 1, your boost will hit all 4 Inferno, 4 Electric and Strength and Ensnare. Example 1 and Example 2

3) SOLO - For Boss wave, switch to a Pet Squire and keep boss away from walls

4) TEAM - For Boss Wave, you will need DPS, so I suggest a Tank, as always, if you have a good attack pet, its better, because people usually die on firewalls created by boss and, if 4 players, 1 Tower Booster with Striking, 1 DPS Huntress with Cat and 1 Char Booster Monk with Genie, but, I hate to tell people what to use, so, its up to you.

5) After the first 1000 enemies dies, its a piece of cake, go grab a beer. Depending on your attributes, just boost 1 time and go afk.



1) If you are tanking and you see the boss raising his arms slowly, he will create the firewall, move a bit to the side you want the firewall to go, but dont move too much, because it can take a 180º and go right through your teammates

2) Dont destroy the crystals with the boss flying

3) Block during boss attacks and attack him or at least lower your guard between attacks to regenerate mana

4) If you are tanking and the boss and he starts flying to toss a few fireballs, watch out for your teammates, if the distance between he and your teammates are lower than the distance between you and him, he will attack them, so always follow him a bit, and when he raises his sword to "drop Attack", step back to bring him to where you want him to be


This build has never failed solo and failed in group a few times when teammates dont repair auras. This depends a lot of your teammates during boss wave, since you are playing Alch Labs, you want the last chest and not common drops from enemies. If you think the team damage is not high enough to kill Boss without DSTs, dont use this build, you will be wasting your precious time.


This build is awesome for waves but doesnt add much damage to boss fight.