Map: The Summit

Solo Mass HC Rift Survival W23 start - 8DST + Speedy Gem + Fusion DST/EA/FT + Not easy

Author: dix0n

DU: 0/150

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21 December 2020

absolutely easy to win build Great jop and the reflect move to the crystal is smart idea 

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20 December 2020

Awesome build! Struggled with Summit since 1.1 never finished it. Got this easily 1st try Rifted!

Disable Tower

Build Status: Public

Difficulty: Massacre

Game Mode: Survival

Hardcore: Yes

AFK Able: No

Mana Used:

Mana to Upgrade:

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  • Not a stable build in rift (yet) - needs optimization.
  • Update: DSTs may not need reflects. You can use them to protect South crystals and make both walls 5 DU (thanks ROSE).
  • When an ogre comes North you will have to kill it or it will destroy the wall pretty much instantly.
  • See screenshots for exact placement of defenses + upgrades before start.
  • Need to unequip a bit to place 2nd Strength Drain. 
  • This is my build from before 1.2 and it worked really easy then... Now it's really difficult (to stay alive during boss wave) but I made it with some campaign fusion gear pieces (on defense heroes). 
  • You need enough range on DST so they can hit the boss (see screenshots). 
  • It takes 4 attempts (downing the boss with mega harpoon) with current setup. 
  • I normally stand with a Tower Boost Monk on the DST stack with a Speedy Gemstone, dodging fireballs. I still try to do this but I noticed I also had to dodge and kill some assassins as well. This is the hard part. 
  • The 8 DST's will kill the boss.. no need to shoot boss yourself and you'll probably be busy dodging the boss's fireballs anyway. 
  • The Flameburst Tower takes care of any birds (if they make it thru) and help with Djinns + stuff at the walls South. 
  • Perhaps the Flameburst Tower does not have to be fused but this map & build is difficult enough with a fused Flameburst Tower. 
  • I upgrade all walls, DSTs and the Flametower to level 3 so that during the boss they can be upgraded for 400 and if needed again for 700
  • The north Overclock Beam is from waller, saves some mana upgrades to get 60% wall