Map: Lava Mines

MushCake's Massacre Rift Survival HC Speed Run (wave 23) [YOUTUBE]

Author: MushroomCake28

DU: 0/90

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09 May 2021

Great build for solo or multiplayer.

For multiplayer i would recommend to remove the Darkness and Poison Gas Traps and build walls.

Disable Tower

Build Status: Public

Difficulty: Massacre

Game Mode: Survival

Hardcore: Yes

AFK Able: Yes

Mana Used:

Mana to Upgrade:

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Youtube Link:


This is a 1.2 build, designed for Rift mode Massacre Survival HC, wave 23 start. It is AFK if you have good stats, and especially if you have a macro to use tower boost on your monk. In order to speed run this, meaning you instantly G after each wave without repairing and upgrading, you'll need:

  1. Fusion DSTs 
  2. Fusion Electric Aura
  3. Fusion Ensnare Aura (not needed, but it helps)

If you don't have fusion defenses, this can still work. I would remove a DST pointing south, and with the extra 8 DU you can build a darkness + gas trap north, remove the reflect beam and build and inferno south. You'll have to DPS mobs north if you get an electric siren that gives her resistance to enemies. If you have fusion Electric auras and DSTs, but not fusion Ensnare, poison resistant mobs won't be affect by the ensnare north. I would try cutting 3 DU somewhere (probably the gas trap south) and building a darkness trap north. 

During the waves, you'll need to play on a boost monk with a striking gemstone to increase the range of the 4 DSTs pointing south. Make sure the gemstone is buffing those4 DSTs, not the ones poiting north. 

As for my stats in the video, they are overkill to clear the map, but if you want to speed run this (without repair and upgrades between waves) I wouldn't suggest going too low. 


Point 1:

There are 7 DSTs here, 4 point south and 3 pointing north. The 4 pointing south have the edge of their targeting area running on the pipe, and the 3 pointing north use the totem with blue inscriptions are a reference (check the video for reference). The DSTs sit on a 6 DU buff beam. This is also where your boost monk will be standing. Your tower boost must also get the aura stack north. There's an optional 2 DU reflect beam in front of the DSTs to block shots from ogres north.


Point 2: 

There's only an Electric Aura + Ensnare Aura here. If you don't have fusion versions of those 2 auras, I would add a darkness trap here (probably remove the gas trap south).


Point 3: 

There are an electric aura, an ensnare aura, a darkness trap, a gas trap, and a 4 DU buff beam here. This is an AFK lane.



For upgrades after building, I max upgrade both buff beams, I put 3 upgrades on electric auras (to tier 4) and 2 upgrades on ensnare auras (to tier 3). This allows to ignore repairs and ugprades between waves. If you're not speed running this, you can skip the upgrades on the ensnare auras and put the mana else where. You will need to repair and upgrade between waves though.