Map: The Throne Room

MushCake's Massacre Rift Survival HC Speed Run (wave 23) [YOUTUBE]

Author: MushroomCake28

DU: 0/100

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20 February 2021

did they patched anything about overlapping auras?

when i equip my gear back, 1 ensnare aura disappears ???!!!

pls tell thats my fault and miss something^^

Disable Tower

Build Status: Public

Difficulty: Massacre

Game Mode: Survival

Hardcore: Yes

AFK Able: No

Mana Used:

Mana to Upgrade:

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Youtube video:


This is my solo speed build for Throne Room, but it also works in a group with some slight tweaks. First of all, it's important to know that the boss takes reduced damage from defenses, so hero DPS is really what will kill him faster. The build is designed so you don't need a gemstone, you play on a pure DPS hero. I play on my DPS monk since he's also a hybrid that can build fusion healing auras. 

For this build I use fusion DSTs, fusion Electric Auras, fusion Ensnare Auras, and a fusion Healing Aura. Note that the fusion healing aura is not required, but it helps a lot for the boss since you probably won't die if you stay inside it. In a group you can have fusion infernos and buff beams if you want. 

When playing in a group, you can modify the build a bit. You can add a Strength Drain Aura in the middle and a gas trap (remove 1 DST, so 2 is pointing in each direction. The enemy health scaling in a group makes it so 1 DST pointing north might not the enough depending on your stats). 


Point 1: There's a 6 DU buff beam going on the seam on the floor. The buff beam should be able to buff everything on the map: the DSts, all 3 aura stacks, and both infernos. A single monk tower boost should boost everything on the map. Before building the auras, you can remove your gear on your monks so the auras can overlap and all get inside the buff beam. See the video for the exact placements. For the DSTs placement, there's 1 pointing north (so it won't get distracted by the boss), 3 pointing at each sides.


Point 2: For the infernos, watch out for where you build it on the stairs. After a certain point if you build it too close to the floor where the cores are, the trap won't get the buff beam. Check the video for the exact spot. 


Upgrade priorities. At wave 23, you want to put 4 upgrades on electric auras and infernos, 2 upgrades on ensnare auras and the healing aura, and the rest in the DSTs. All the rest of the mana you get during the waves should go into the DSTs. This should allow you to max upgrade all your DSTs by the time you get to the boss. Personally I pick up the mana during the wave and instantly G after the wave ends, and I upgrade DSTs during the wave. 


Boss Fight: You don't want to stay on the towers since the boss's projectiles will destroy them. You want to stay on the lower level floor and stay inside the healing aura. You want to target ogres before the boss, especially in a group. If you don't kill the ogres, some of them will reach the DST stack and destroy them. DPS the boss when there are no ogres in sight. The boss should go down pretty quickly. In a group, I suggest having a hero boost monk and a DPS beam EV running a genie. This will decimate groups of ogres.