Map: The Summit

Speed running summit 6:42(WR?) personal best with video high stats required

Author: Momohflip

DU: 0/150

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21 February 2021

wonderful build m8 !

even better than expected after u told me about ur new summit build ;)



Disable Tower

Build Status: Public

Difficulty: Massacre

Game Mode: Survival

Hardcore: Yes

AFK Able: No

Mana Used:

Mana to Upgrade:

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As long as you can kill the boss before the second wave of copters spawn and save mana to repair dst's just incase they get hit by the knights, this build has a nearly 100% success rate. as for stats i'm not too sure what the minimum requirement would be but my stats are shown at the end of the video. if you dps boss it only takes 3 harpoons to kill it. with speed gem it's 4. the second wave copters almost always spawn on the 4th harpoon. dps is alot safer and pretty much guarentees you a win

For hint 1 this is a safe reflect just incase you get a east ogre spawn on the first round if you don't upgrade your beam to level 6 your dst's could go down from an ogre bomb. after the first round i don't have any problems with this ogre after upgrading defenses

This build requires rifted ensnares, dst's, and electric auras

Tower boost 7:47

Dps cat 7:25

dps genie 7:12

Probably WR time run 6:59

Updated definate WR time run 6:42