Map: The Promenade

OgreCopter update Build NMHC Wave 25 Survival Prom (Solo&Group)

Author: ichibun

DU: 0/125

Disable Tower

Build Status: Public

Difficulty: Nightmare

Game Mode: Survival

Hardcore: Yes

AFK Able: No

XP Per Run: 136m-181m

Time Per Run: 1h08m+

Mana Used:

Mana to Upgrade:

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Changed the build for recent copter ogre update.

My upgrade order was DST>Flameburst>Proximity>Wall and strength aura once they start losing half hp during a single wave>Gas


1. These DST's face just enough for the left line of sight to hit copter west lane so it should face the crystals as well

2. Face the DST just enough to the left so it attacks the north copter spawn

3. I face the DST's slightly into the lane as well to help clear the ogre attacking the wall. The flamebursts should only focus the spawn and not attacking copter ogres.

4. To save aura health. I made one flameburst target only the half of the lane close to the spawn. If not, when the ogre spawns, both flameburst would attack the ogre while the spawned monsters was stunned behind the ogre due to the gas trap and not being attacked until the ogre died.


Stay where the 3 or 2 bundled DST's are when afk